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1 First Impressions


Dear Sue,

First I'll tell you about what I saw When we arrived at our new ranch home. My car trailed my husbands cab-over down a bumpy road that billowed dust from the wheels. "Let's get off the road and drive on the grass," I thought. I saw many familiar items including farm implements but in new locations and in disarray. Then I saw the sleeping-quarters. There wasn't enough room to unpack the car. There wasn't room for one more thing. So I left the car as it was and found in the stack of clothes in the back seat the new swimsuit and towel I got at K Mart for a grand total of $20.00. I was still hot at 7:20 pm and we were tired and sweaty from the long drive from your home, (8+ hours).

Aaron and I decided to go for a walk and or swim at the river. The dirt path had been disked and was ankle deep in fine dust. Aaron quickly got sidetracked with tying up young sprouts and I made my way alone to the trail the beer-party and fishing people had created. The trail ended at an inside stream that broke off from the river. It was deeper than when I saw it before and I knew I couldn't cross it on stepping-stones and twigs as before. So I took off my clothes right there. It was over-grown with blackberry bushes and trees. I had bought the suit in a hurry and hadn't even tried it on for size. It fit, but as I suspected, the leg holes were cut up on the thighs. Well, there was no one here so just go ahead and wear it any way. I put my sandals back on to make walking on the stones easier.

The silence, the sense of aloneness and the serene beauty has an effect to take you into yourself and to deeper layers of truth. Simple things take on symbolic importance. When I got to the other side, I saw the main river, which I had never before. The sun was setting but was still above the west trees that lined the river. It glared my vision. I looked and saw that the river was flowing down stream to the East. (That seemed strange.) A fish jumped and then another. The water felt cold after being so hot all afternoon. But it was refreshing to wash off the sweat and dust. I wanted to write down my impressions before they faded away like the little eddies the current made swirling from my body as I waded to my waist.

The sun's glare made the water look black. Did I dare swim without knowing the currents or depths? No, prudence won out and I continued to wade out deeper and deeper but only where I could see under the water. A fisherman across the river cast his line. I heard a rumble that seemed to be getting louder. It reminded me of the sound of kids on a sidewalk skateboarding across the cracks. I'm glad our side of the river doesn't have a levy road. They become thorough -fares for strangers on your property. The tall poplar trees have gone to seed and the pods are bursting open with white fluff.

I watched the fuzz float down the river with the ripples and occasional segments of seaweed. With a little courage I made the plunge and swam sidestroke and then backstroke up stream. I found I could swim against the current and make a little progress. The fun part, float on the back and go down where I left the towel. I heard something. It turned out to be Aaron making his bare-foot way to the water's edge. The eerie mystical spell was broken, the sun was down behind the trees and I was ready to return home. The second day at the river was quite different. I ventured out earlier, around 5:20 PM to take a swim. The sun being higher made the water blue and green instead of black as before.The air was warmer and the water seemed to be moving slower. The surface of the water was covered with the poplar fluff. It made it look dirty and not so inviting. The swim was good and I found some water grass I used to pay a dollar to $2.00 for at Pets Smart. It turned out to be an underwater bed of size, not just a few sprigs floating down stream. There may be commercial potential here.

End of First Impressions 6/13/04

Path to the River

End of the Path

Sun Sets Behind Feather River’s Trees

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