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They sang together under vermillion
Skies, rouged in such a way to suggest
That night would never come. She offered
Lilting harmonies to his sprawling
Melodies that intertwined in crescendos
With the dips and turns of lightning bugs,
Dancing on the wind. Russet faded
To violet as their song spread itself,
Trickling through branches and caressing
Far-off ears that could only wonder.

Too soon the choruses of crickets joined
In to welcome the darkness and the music
abated, drenched in the heaviness of night
and the sweat of still air. Two hands
glided over now familiar landscapes,
coming to rest in each other tightly
until the crickets ceased serenading,
and the lightning bugs stopped dancing,
and the last sound the stars could perceive
was the whispered breath-- I love you.

      ( 10/11/2004 07:55:00 PM ) Lisa#

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Welcome to Random Poetry, a page for amature poets to post their work for review by other amature poets. It doesn't matter what type, genre, etc. it is, as long as you feel like calling it poetry feel free to post it, and to comment on other's poetry. We can all learn from each other.

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